A successful relationship starts from a high level of communication. Listening, sharing ideas, collaboration and attention to detail. These are the rules of account care for periskop, since only through a detailed grasp of client needs, and working proactively while taking onboard client ideas and roadmaps, can we satisfy our accounts. In one word: service
We live in an age where timing can be all-important. Whatever the activity that we are commissioned to carry out, whatever the budget, periskop succeeds in complying with customer time schedules, being able to count on our many expert partners working to state-of-the-art standards. In one word: reliable
Not overrunning the budget is crucial. periskop works to exploit the budgets of its customers to their best advantage, and using the best freelancers on the market – called on according to the project aim – guarantees achievement of results at an affordable price due to its structure, solid and yet extremely lightweight. Value for money: R.O.I.

Commitment to communication is in periskop’s DNA. We devote the same care to printing a small leaflet as to planning a whole marketing campaign. Commitment is fundamental for us, and our clients know it.


Per noi “passione” è un sostantivo del tutto positivo, i nostri clienti lo sanno bene.

Marketing, communication, advertising: periskop’s core business. We draw on our long and varied experience in many very different fields, in the trade and consumer business sectors. We believe in expanding our experience, and look for challenging briefs.


Per noi “esperienza” è il sostantivo da alimentare, per quello desideriamo briefing sfidanti.

The best results for periskop come when our clients realize that the small ‘try-out’ activities they have given us are treated in the same way as their most important communication activities.
Results are basic to our approach, and are allied to our reputation.